Repairing a raspberry pi 3 USB -

Par Benoit, le 25/02/2020

BCM2837, electronic, LAN9514, pi-3, raspberry, usb


Last month i was trying to customize my raspberry pi3 to let it take place in a small alluminum box. But it seems that i dammaged the LAN9514 chip. This chip handles the ethernet port and the four USB ports. After that incident, i was unable to plug even a keyboard to the Pi. But it was booting fine and the wifi was still OK. I had to buy another Pi to get my project done.

This week i had an eye back on my half broken Pi and thought I might be able to repair it. The idea is to use it as a arcade box with retropie (

Here is the solution i found.

I just had to bypass the LAN9514 and connect the BCM2837 usb data pins to one of the physycal usb port in place.

Here is a picture:

Now i can plug a usb hub to the last working port and have my keyboard, joysticks and joypads working.

Also, soldering to the tinny pcb traces was quite hard, if anyone has a better solution i would appreciate the help.

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